Demand Letters

  • Reviewing and editing of any existing demand letters for correct legal context.
  • Drafting and submission any demand letters for various areas of law.
  • A demand letter is a formal, professional document (correspondence) sent by one party to another requesting payment or other action to right a wrong. The recipient may be in financial default, may have breached a contract, or may not have followed through with an obligation.
  • Demand letters are frequently used in business before the aggrieved party takes legal action against the recipient. They are not, however, a requirement to take the recipient to court.


  • Reviewing and editing of any existing contract for correct legal context.
  • Drafting and submission of any contract for various areas of law (with the exception of real estate, last will and testaments).


  • Depending on whether you are the Plaintiff (person who is suing) or the Defendant (person being sued), this would mean preparation of the claim or the defence, respectively.

Process Serving

  • If you need documents served that you have prepared yourself, we can serve them for you to the opposing party.
  • If you are an out-of-town lawyer or paralegal, we can serve Sudbury and area, North Bay and area and Temiskaming Shores area.
  • We aim to complete service within two attempts and will be provided with an Affidavit of Service upon serving.

Legal Research/Legal Advice

  • Not sure where to start or where to look? We can look for you and do the research on your behalf.
  • Ideal for sole practitioners who have little time to do their own research.
  • Can provide case law pertinent to your matter.

Rental Agreements

  • Review any current rental agreements.
  • Draft any new rental agreements.


  • Commission of Documents: A commissioner for taking affidavits is a person, who can legally administer an oath, affirmation, or declaration, for example to a person making an affidavit.
  • On-Site services available (within geographical area).


  • Notary Public: In Ontario, a Notary Public primarily does three things: (1) witness signatures, (2) provide certified true copies of documents, and (3) commission oaths or affidavits.
  • On-Site services available (within geographical area).


Provincial Offenses Act (POA)

The Provincial Offences Act (POA) is a provincial statute that sets out procedures for the prosecution of offences under other provincial statutes and regulations and municipal by-laws. Under the POA umbrella is the Highway Traffic Act that includes, but not limited to speeding, stunt driving, demerit points, hands-free driving and so much more. Other Provincial offences include, but not limited to dog owner’s liability, by-law concerns, noise complaints, cannabis, smoke-free Ontario, liquor license and trespassing.

Administrative Tribunals
We offer services for the following in this area:

  • Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB). We represent employers and employees
  • Human Rights Tribunal. We represent employers and employees.
  • Ontario Works / ODSP Appeals
  • Board and Commissions
  • Ontario Labour Relations Boards
  • Licence Appeal Tribunal

Residential Tenancies Act / Landlord and Tenant Board

Are you renting your home or a secondary residence? We can assist you with any difficulties you may be encountering. We can help with ending the tenancy (eviction), collecting rental arrears, assist with property damages, above guideline rental increase, subletting or assignment and more. It is important to protect your investment!

If you are a tenant, we can help you with tenant rights, rental rebate, rent reduction, applications given in bad faith, ending a tenancy, above guideline rental increase and more. It is important to keep a roof over your head!

Our team can also help with non-profit housing cooperative tenancy termination and other member concerns.


In addition to the above services we offer, we also can assist you in the following areas of law:

  • Employment law
  • Statutory Accident Benefits (SAB)
  • Tort Law
  • Administrative Law/Business Law
  • Ontario Disability
  • Summary Convictions
  • Consumer Law
  • Commercial Law
  • Property Law
  • Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolutions