Public Notarizing is a part of our documentation services, so we can assist you if you need something commissioned or notarized.


A Notary Public in Ontario primarily does three things: witness signatures, provide certified true copies of documents and commission oaths of affidavits. General notarization and certified true copies of original documents as well as notarize your signature, includes travel letters, affidavits, statutory declarations, letters of invitation, passport documents and various applications.


You also might need a Public Notary in other situations, such as:


·       Buy or sell a house;

·       Transfer a property to a family member;

·       Getting a mortgage;

·       Write a will, representation agreement or a power of attorney;

·       You or your spouse are planning on travelling with your children;

·       You need to sign an affidavit; and

·       You are moving to another country and need documents notarized.


We also can provide documents authenticated and legalized for use in Canada and internationally.


Contact us if you need notary services!