A Paralegal is an individual qualified through education or experience licensed to provide legal services to the general public in areas authorized by the Law Society of Ontario.

Paralegals can offer legal services in defined areas, such as small claims court, traffic court, tribunal work, landlord and tenant matters and summary convictions. Lawyers can represent their clients in all areas of law, but they come at a hefty financial cost that not everyone is able to afford. When the cost is too high, it may outweigh the potential reward from pursuing a case.

Our paralegal team can serve you better at a reasonable cost.

In Ontario, paralegals are licensed and regulated by the Law Society of Ontario and are bound to uphold a professional code of conduct and code of ethics.

Yes, Paralegals can represent you in court. We can represent you at tribunals, small claims, traffic court and criminal court (summary convictions only). 

Yes, our team can help with criminal matters. However, only minor criminal matters whose the maximum term of imprisonment is six months or less are accepted.

Our team believes that a paralegal firm should be cost efficient and incomparable to a traditional law firm. At your free 30-minute consultation, we will review your matter and legal options and provide an approximation of cost. Please note that we cannot guarantee the exact cost of any litigation matters, due to the uncertainty of events and timelines incurred. 

Yes. All information shared with a Paralegal whether you have retained the Paralegal or not is confidential. Under the profession, Paralegals must keep everything confidential and the information will not be disclosed to anyone else unless authorized to do so. Under Rule 3.03(2) outlined by the Law Society of Ontario, it says that the duty of confidentiality lasts indefinitely. 

Unfortunately, no. For any matters relating to wills, real estate, or estates, please retain a lawyer. These areas are not permitted under the Paralegal Scope of Practice.